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Apparently, while this chick was singing songs to humiliate her enemies in the dueling circle, some powerful record execs were in the audience, and they were so impressed by her melodious contralto voice that they decided she should be doing better shit than stabbing people in the balls for spare change. La Maupin offered to take it outside, defeated all three men in three consecutive duels, then came back to the party while the trio of poseurs were still lying bleeding in the street like dogs. Ben fell back on the bed, feeling tired from the sensation. Ben kept his back turned, and nothing happened, a minute had passed till Ben started to get concerned. She responded by ripping open her blouse and telling the audience to "judge for themselves". Like, one time a trio of drunk assholes were giving Julie shit while she was performing her songs in a rowdy tavern, so the star of the Paris Opera took all three of them out into the grassy courtyard, and when they all jumped her at the same time with their swords she drew her blade and made sure every single one of them was suffering from multiple stab wounds before she went back to the tavern.

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Loading comments… Trouble loading? This was fine and all, but when La Maupin had the audacity to tongue-kiss a particularly fine-looking blonde marquise right in front of the entire Royal family, three jackass noblemen got a little bent out of shape about it and told Maupin she needed to start acting like a lady and stop macking on all the hot babes.

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Ponti by Sharlene Teo – review

The homicidal fugitive swordsman trained D'Aubigny in the finer arts of fencing for a while, but as soon as she realized the student was now the master she ditched his broke ass and started giving sword exhibitions across Marseille to hone her skills and make a little extra dough. Ben Gwen and Kevin were fighting some Forever Knights earlier who were taking some illegal alien tech and a knight had fired his laser towards Ben and Ben was hit. He took a look around, then he saw on the floor Julie's pink sweater. Julie D'Aubigny was a 17th-century bisexual French opera singer and fencing master who killed or wounded at least ten men in life-or-death duels, performed nightly shows on the biggest and most highly-respected opera stage in the world, and once took the Holy Orders just so that she could sneak into a convent and bang a nun. Lonely is the life of a freak. He told her to fuck off and mind her own bitch business. He took a look around, then he saw on the floor Julie's pink sweater.

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