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The phone went dead and Brooke came down the stairs a few seconds later, leading Larissa to assume Brooke was responsible. At eliminations, Schatar and Darra were called down to the carpet as well as Larissa and Shay. Jennifer told Firestone she doesn't like wine "at all" in an effort to ditch her image from Flavor of Love. Flavor of Love Girls: Mo'Nique then says it was a trick question and the answer was fingers. The one that they should look for is the Urban Renaissance Man, who possesses all four qualities in equal measure.

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The benched girls would not be safe from expulsion whether or not their respective team won the debate.

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Mo'Nique also gave Courtney the opportunity to tour with her for her comedy act. Saaphyri and Leilene are brought up next and discuss what they have been doing since the reunion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He chose Becky for the dinner when she claimed to be a wine expert. Mo'Nique called Leilene over and commended her generosity for giving away her mother's ring. During her interview, Larissa flirts with Firestone, saying she wanted to get to know him better and gets chosen for the dinner.

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