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A lot of girls end up agreeing to anal sex after they have had a few drinks in them, so keep this in mind. Chloe Gonzalez February 9, If the experience is very painful for her, she is unlikely to let you try it in the future. That is why it is important to properly prepare. Olga was obviously well trained to take in the arse by her gynaecologist boyfriend.

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A lot of girls end up agreeing to anal sex after they have had a few drinks in them, so keep this in mind. Things like foreplay, sex toys, and the use of lubricant can greatly increase the quality of the experience, Pham says, and that applies to anal sex and any other kind of sex.

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How To Convince Her To Try An Anal Sex And Enjoy It

You probably want to have her riding your cock at first so she can ease herself onto it. Be patient and bring it up again in the future. You can also do down on her for a while, which will be sure to get her in a good mood. Try sticking one of your smaller fingers up her butt while you are making out or eating her pussy. PEP helps reduce the chances of developing HIV if you have been exposed to the virus in a sexual encounter or via needle-based activities drug use, tattoos, piercings.. One of the keys to getting your girl to try anal sex with you involves getting her relaxed and in as good of a mood as possible.

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