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Do they have cheerleaders at a school for the deaf? Thankfully none of them feel the need to dress so provocatively. Stop making girls feel ashamed of their bodies and teach boys to respect girls. I believe "it started" sometime around 10, BC. Well the reality of the situation is that a good proportion of men do look at teenage girls especially if they are scantily clad in revealing cheerleading uniform. There are too many variations of acceptable for young men and women.

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However, in this PC age, it is very, very difficult for a man to comment constructively to a young woman on this topic. Yes, boys are affected by hormones as teenagers, but they are not incapable of controlling themselves.

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What Do Dress Codes Say About Girls’ Bodies?

When i was in school a big problem was boys wearing their pants too low, and they were always called out and made to pull up their pants, but in reality, other than images on shirts, boys tend to dress far more conservatively than girls. Boys should be taught to respect women rather than being taught to view them as mere sexual objects. Also, my mom makes me late for the bus or makes me cry on the way to school because of my inappropriate wear. January 12, at Unfortunately, too many people take it lightly so I have lots of things to blog about. I am sick and tired yes I went there of looking at young girls showing cleavage and butt cheeks. Aquinas wired said January 20, at

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